Sarah Kelly Art



My paintings portray the things I love most, mainly my love for nature and beautiful Botanicals. My love for nature is simply and beautifully portrayed in my watercolour Botanicals. Being able to enjoy the simplicty of the artform within ones home.

It is highly addictive and requires total absorption. Eight hours alone each day can be intense or can go in the blink of an eye- but then there is that euphoric moment when something has worked.

When it hasn't, you have to be tough enough on yourself to keep going. Some days admittedly I need a complete break. On days like this I will go for a run, get a spa spoil or spend time with my dogs and have lunch dates with friends

I am an extremely creative person and couldn't imagine my life without some form of art & design in it.

A little bit about me

Living on a farm surrounded by the real African bushveld with a landscape that is full of aloes, grasses, acacia trees as well as small butterfly and insect life in the garden looking out from my studio window is a constant source of inspiration.

I live 6km away from a Nature Reserve where I often run in the afternoons, after a busy day in studio, coming across Zebra, Giraffe and various Antelope, bird life and beautiful wild flowers- such as the Kigelia/sausage tree in full flower which is one of my favorite wild flowers to paint, its soft, rich velvety red bloom with large petals are picturesque. So as you can imagine my work is inspired from my everyday life. This is very much who I am, translating a small piece of myself as an individual and my life into my work as an artist.

I often think to myself, my life is somewhat that of an African version of Beatrix Potter- with Bugs, seed pods and Protea's on my desk - this is my rendition living as a proud South African artist.

Sarah Kelly Art

My studio / How I work

I gather my inspiration from many different sources. I love collecting books, imagery and never stop researching and looking for inspiration all around. I take note of colour, texture, shape and form within nature and the outdoors as well as print-source material and photography.

I paint on large sheets of watercolour 300grm cotton blend- hot press paper. I use hot press as it has more of a texture to work with, I enjoy this feel and touch to the eye. This paper is either ordered in 10m roll of "Arches" which comes from France or I source my already cut sheets, locally. I then hand stretch each piece of paper used before I start painting on my large architect board in studio. I only paint with Winsor & Newton watercolour paints and believe its all about using the best quality materials in order to live a long and beautiful life behind glass. I do work with various other mediums such as pressed charcoal, inks, conte and pencil too.