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"31" A Solo Exhibition by Sarah Kelly

Artist's Statement

My first Debut solo exhibition.

‘I like to think that it is important to never feel safe in the sea you are working in, if you feel out of your depth then you know something exciting is about to happen. What I call “Contemporary cactus” all began in the very first lock-down. I had time on my hands and had been grappling with wanting to form a new concept and change up my work from my well-known botanicals. I was inspired by the massive Euphorbia tree that grows outside Tamasa Gallery. The structural elements, the form, the movement, the geometric sculptural elements.

There were a lot of experiments, many failed tests, correcting technique with the right medium and eventually after a lot of pushing and pulling the concept came together. It was about scale, texture and the introduction of pure gold leaf that really transformed the diversity of this body of work and made it special.

For this solo exhibition I then took my original idea and threw it a curve ball, I added colour, simplifying some techniques and focusing on movement and shape seen in the charcoal triptych.

My work has never had symbolic meaning as such but a representation of where I am in my life; my surroundings, emotion and mood all depict and play a role in my work. ‘

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Some pictures from the opening night: