Amber Glades

Large scale artworks

Amber Glades is a luxury, senior living village in the heart of the K.Z.N, Midlands, Howick. I had the privilege of creating extremely, large scale Botanical artworks for the upper level of the building.

Completing 32 artworks which were distributed amongst the six hallways. Each Hallway having 5 artworks. The artworks were done in Acrylics on canvas and are all 2.5meters by 3meters in size.

I had to use scaffolding to paint each artwork whilst they were propped against the wall. The client brief was to incorporate as much colour as possible and creating pure joy and beauty in the space as the artworks will continue their life in their forever home - 'Amber Glades" - bringing joy to the many residents over the years to come.

Working alongside the Interior Designer, Tracy Kelly Interiors. The Botanicals for the large artworks were selected by colour and pattern-without focusing on being indigenous alone, but rather for their aesthetics. Incorporating the beautiful floral fabrics used within the decor creating a link in design, bringing the outdoors -in.

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Being known for my Botanical that are always a classic for me, that can be enjoyed time after time I knew I wanted to bring plant life indoors. Plant life unexpectedly not all indigenous - but rather appreciating their form, composition and colour, as I felt this concept of creating a beautiful, bold bright happy space was more important than focusing on the scientific plant life chosen.

Knowing the artwork size - I then took plant imagery that appealed to me and completely enlarged them. I zoomed into the image allowing little white space almost creating a textile pattern. Having my textile background interplay in the artwork layout. This also in a way linked with the interior design fabrics chosen.

I wanted to make sure that when the artwork was hanging a feeling of warmth and being homely was felt. I was able to capture this by painting the artworks in a very painterly style- if you look closely on the artworks I have left paint drip marks and allowed for loose soft painterly edges- I did this on purpose making sure that the artworks didn't appear as printed images which can appear cold but rather real, original once off, hand-painted artworks resulting in the warmth that I wanted to give.

The background of each Botanical artwork is the wall colour, this was specifically done so the each Botanical plant almost floats and is focused on alone, allowing the canvas to disappear onto the wall. Each artwork also has the plant name to the side for reference.

Installing the artwork

Due to the scale and nature of the work, getting the paintings installed was no easy feat! Take a look at the process in the following video.

Some pictures from the opening night