I have a passion for painting, botanicals in particular. I am able to transform South Africa’s plant life by working with watercolours. I work with a sensitive and delicate nature when it comes to the medium I use, the choice of paper and the way I frame my artworks. My artworks are available in sizes varying from A0, A1, A2,A3 & A4, and go accordingly in price. * If you would like to inquire about an artwork and pricing - please do email me and I will be happy to share my price list with you.

My artwork can be bought and seen through Tamasa Gallery- unframed and framing options available or Nom de Plume design studio where there is a limited selection of my latest artworks framed to choose from.


If you are looking for Artwork and there’s something that you LOVE but it has been SOLD, let me know. I do not repeat work as they are ALL once-off ORIGINALS , however, I am happy to work on something similar or commission an Artwork you have in mind.

Depending on WHAT you are looking for, with example imagery I can re-create in my own unique style something you have in mind!

I use a variety of different MEDIUMS from ink, watercolours and charcoal so the possibilities are endless!

Sarah Kelly Art

The Process

  1. What specific artwork are you looking for? Botanical or Other, and if Botanical- What specific flower or plant?
  2. Size: What are your wall measurements available and space for an Artwork?
  3. Price: Each size of artwork framed varies in price. Please contact me for a price list or Quote.
  4. Framing: A selection of various framing with mounting is used. Having many options to select from - for example a simple box frame with Natural wood, black, white, white-wash or bamboo Framing choices
  5. Timeline- Artwork with Framing takes up to 4 Weeks.+-
  6. Delivery- This is an additional fee- depending on location. If local- Artwork can be sent via Courier at an additional fee, depending on size & weight with Framing. Otherwise, if abroad Artwork can be shipped, unframed, rolled in a tube.
    Contact me to order your artwork >>>

As a sole business owner & full-time artist I don’t often get enough time in a day and wish I had more hands! So, If you are wanting Artwork but can’t find what you are looking for, please email me and I’ll be happy to help!